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Solar Frontier is the world’s largest provider of CIS thin-film solar energy solutions. We committed to our CIS technology over 20 years ago because of its performance advantages in real-world conditions and environmental benefits. We have now shipped over 3GW worldwide, with field installations worldwide proving our claim and the quality of the products we manufacture in Japan. The records we achieve in our laboratories on top of world-class production costs also show there is even greater potential in the future.

Solar Frontier is now focused on achieving robust and sustainable growth built on a strong financial base. We will continue to expand our leadership in the solar energy industry by advancing our proprietary CIS technology and implementing integrated, value-added solutions. On this foundation, we are expanding our global network by working with major partners and clients worldwide. And as part of our medium-term growth plan, the upcoming Tohoku Plant in Japan, which enables the manufacture of CIS solar modules at higher conversion efficiencies and best-in-class cost levels, will serve as a model plant for future production bases overseas.

On behalf of everyone at Solar Frontier, we look forward to helping achieve a sustainable energy future.


Atsuhiko Hirano
Atsuhiko Hirano

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