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  • Atsugi Research Center, Atsugi Japan

    The Atsugi Research Center (ARC) is located west of Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. This is where our scientists, engineers and product managers – including award-winning pioneers of CIS technology – work in pursuit of our vision and strategy.

    Their mission is fourfold:

  • 1. Advance CIS Efficiency
    Increasing efficiency of our CIS technology is key to reducing costs. In 2015, the ARC achieved 22.3 % conversion efficiency on a 0.5cm² CIS cell, the highest of any thin-film and multi-crystalline technology.
  • 2. Reduce Production Costs
    In addition to our product technology, we are continuously advancing the machinery that manufactures it. Production lines at the new Tohoku Plant are faster, more compact and more efficient, enabling best-in-class production cost.
  • 3. Reduce Total System Costs
    In addition to module upgrades, we aim to decrease the costs of other components in a solar power system. Our Cross-One mounting rack for residential rooftops, which reduces installation time, is an example of our work on advancing system component design.
  • 4. Create New Products
    We continue to innovate - we are engaged in research for future products such as bendable, ultralight modules. The first prototype has been installed in Singapore.

Activities at the ARC range from research and development through to product endurance testing that goes beyond industry standards.

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