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Solar Frontier is the world’s largest provider of CIS solar energy solutions. Our expertise covers the entire solar energy value chain, from pioneering next-generation CIS modules through to independent power production.


Solar Frontier is now approaching four gigawatts of CIS modules and system shipments. These are used for a variety of applications, from residential to utility-scale, across multiple climates.



CIS Module: SF 150-170S Series

  • Generate more electricity* than crystalline silicon in real-world conditions
  • Among highest thin-film efficiencies: 13.8% mass production
  • Precision-engineered in Japan and globally certified and audited
  • RoHS compliant and shipped in virtually cardboard-free packaging with recyclable corner pieces.
  • Non-glare, black appearance


Learn more about our technological advantages or see our datasheet for specific technical data.

* kilowatt-hours per kilowatt-peak


Visit Solar Frontier Europe's website to find out more about the following products available in specified regions worldwide:

  • PowerSets: preconfigured residential system packages that come in 16 configurations for easy installation
  • PowerSaver: comprehensive and customized commercial rooftop solutions
  • PowerPlants: customized utility-scale solutions including preconfigured electrical components  

Visit our Japanese language site for products specific to Japan, including:

  • Solacis neo: a chic, lightweight and thin CIS module
  • Cross-One mounting rack: developed to reduce installation time for Japanese rooftops
  • Preconfigured residential system packages
  • Customized commercial and utility-scale solutions


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