• Solar Energy
    Solutions Provider
  • Japan
    HQ and Manufacturing
  • 40 Years +
    Solar R&D Legacy
  • GW-scale
    Production Capacity
  • 6 GW +
    Global Shipments

Solar Frontier is a leading CIS thin-film solar energy company by production, sales and technology. We are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and a subsidiary of a robust energy company. Envisioning solar for all, we manufacture CIS thin-film modules and provide integrated system solutions worldwide.

In technology, our CIS modules excel. They are distinguished through higher electricity yield in actual operating conditions, precision manufacturing in Japan, and ecological leadership.

In solutions, our products and services are customer-focused. From home energy systems to power plant development, we optimize IRR, minimize risk, and provide comprehensive support before and after sales.

Solar Frontier operates regional headquarters in Japan. We number 900 employees and are advancing solar across the value chain - from R&D to manufacturing and system solutions.

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